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Style House + Janna in the News

On Having an Only Child
January 2018

"My husband and I both come from two-child households, and before becoming parents we talked about having two. And then there was that huge recalibration of life that occurs after you have a child. It took us years to get into the groove where we each got the family time, alone time and social time that we needed to thrive. For us, this balance is what makes us good parents."  Read More 

My Best Advice
January 16, 2018

"For so long (10 years to be exact) I reveled so much in the freedom of entrepreneurship, that the thought of creating a regular schedule was appalling to me. However I found that with a very basic structure that accounts for what’s most important to me in a week, my sense of freedom as well as my productivity have increased exponentially. Here’s how I’ve designed my week around what I need and want to do. Maybe this exact design will work for you, maybe it won’t, but I hope that it inspires you to experiment and find a schedule that works for you. There’s nothing better than being in the drivers’ seat with your time and looking back on your week as time well spent." Read More

5 Reasons You Should Meditate During Pregnancy
Well Rounded NY 
January 5, 2017

"My favorite meditation before bed is a simple body scan: concentrate on different areas of your body, and tense and release. Depending on how deep of a sleeper your partner is, you can also do a cleansing audible “ahhhhhh” exhale — similar to a lion’s breath in yoga. It will allow you to sink deeper into the present moment." Read More

Heymama Instagram

"Do something every day that scares you." See post

PR POWER LIST 2016: New York’s Top Specialty PR Agencies
December 2016

“Style House – Ten-year-old firm with lots of indie brands, along with established clients like Prescriptives.” See Online

Want To Practice Mindfulness? Start At Work
September 28, 2016

“When I returned to work after giving birth to my son, I started meditating at the office for just five minutes daily. These short sessions really help me to transition from my ‘mom mind’ to my ‘boss mind.’” Read More

Power Agendas: A Peek Insider Her Agenda – Janna Meyrowitz Turner
Her Agenda
August 2016

“It’s such an exciting time for public relations, and the ways public relations has developed in the time I’ve been in business are all incredibly positive. As far as having to cope with it, it’s more like we’re having a ton of fun and embracing it. The scope of traditional media relations is changing not only because the media landscape has changed but because there [are] so many different ways to communicate brand messaging.” Read More

Miss NYFW? Check Out These Super 6 Tips To Get Into September Shows”
February 19, 2015

“We’re more likely to work with a blogger with a smaller following if they have a really nice aesthetic and take the time to come to us with an idea of how they’d like to work with our clients beyond “send me a product for review”. If the blogger can show that they’ll create value for our client in another way – such as with a high quality video about the product or beautiful photography that the client can use on their social media, that can go along way towards a partnership that might not otherwise happen with a smaller or newer blogger.” Read More

Front Row Fashion PR Interview Series: Publicist Q&A: Getting to Know Janna Meyrowitz Turner, Founder of Style House PR
PR Couture
January 29, 2015

“Ideal clients don’t just see us as a PR firm that they hired. They see us as a partner, as business consultants that are at their disposal to inform, contribute to and improve every aspect of their business with our unique expertise, creativity and critical thinking skills rooted in PR and marketing… I’m a publicist but I’m also an entrepreneur, and I love the excitement of creating something new or improving on what already exists…” Read More

Campaigns We Love: Prescriptives Beauty Print Campaigns Game + Win Custom Foundation
PR Couture
March 26, 2014

“We realized from a PR perspective that the art (aka Beauty Prints) we were using to pitch the Custom Blend story and show what went into a Custom Blend Foundation recipe was actually quite beautiful. We realized that making a Beauty Print for bloggers and sharing them with the Facebook community would be a great way to visually communicate what Custom Blend really was for those newer Prescriptives fans who weren't familiar with it…” Read More

A New Way To Shoot: StyleShoots Professional Product & Fashion Photography for $5 a Shot
PR Couture
July 29, 2013

"For Style House PR, the real fun comes from leveraging StyleShoots to serve the agency's pitching needs. ‘We can create outfits that incorporate multiple clients of ours, and that's when it gets really fun and the media placements we get increase as a result,’ explained SHPR Founder and President Janna Meyrowitz Turner. StyleShoots also opens up new opportunities to shoot seasonal or thematic product laydowns which can be pitched to bloggers, or used on a client's own branded social channels or blog…” Read More

Spotlight On Janna Meyrowitz Turner of Style House PR
The PR Closet
June 19, 2013

“I don’t have specific mentors, but my parents definitely taught me how to be a critical and creative thinker and how to best analyze situations. That informs every situation I approach both as a publicist and as an entrepreneur in general. My professors at Brandeis were also really instrumental in making me a better writer. They challenged me to find new ways to communicate and articulate and I use that every single day.” Read More

I Want Her Job: Leading Lady Interview with Janna Meyrowitz Turner of Style House PR
I Want Her Job
August 15, 2011

“Everything you do or say is part of your personal brand. How can you promote someone else’s brand if you can’t promote your own? And your brand needs to be who you really are, or you’ll never be able to keep it up. Be memorable, and you’ll be surprised by the impressions you’ve made on people when you reencounter them down the road…” Read More

Fashion PR Guide to Celebrity Gifting Suites
PR Couture
February 2, 2011

“If an A-list celebrity says or does something silly with your product in the lounge and no media outlet hears about it, did it even happen? Any good lounge will have press floating around from top weeklies, blogs and entertainment news TV shows. It’s your job as brand representative to chat up the celebrities when they’re interacting with your product and to get them to do and say those silly things…” Read More

(Re)Blog This: How Fashion PR Agencies Use Tumblr
PR Couture
November 18, 2010

“Janna recommends Tumblr to clients like 3floz, saying, "we love the "reblog" feature because our clients can easily reblog what we post to their own Tumblr.  Our blog posts feed to our Twitter and Facebook page, and our clients can easily share or retweet from there.  Our clients love both how quickly we are able to post press mentions, and in-turn how readily available the links and/or scans are available to them to release via their social media channels…” Read More

Fashion Blogs + Free Samples: The PR Community Speaks
PR Couture
June 24, 2009

“When [our focus on fashion bloggers] first started to grow I remember there was a lot of pressure on PR companies to really fully do their research before pitching a blog, or any online publication, to really understand it and pitch on-topic, even moreso than with traditional print and television…I’ve seen a zeitgeist in the past year – the tables have turned…we are getting an influx of inquiries from bloggers from all different backgrounds covering all kinds of topics who are pitching us before they have done any research on us or our clients.” As a result, Style House PR has taken a pro-active approach to moderating blogger inquiries. “Style House PR has created a Blogger Consideration Form that we send to bloggers in response to queries if we have never worked with them or heard about them before. We’ve found that it really helps us to differentiate between those who we feel will be a valuable asset to our outreach, and those who we feel, unfortunately, are just looking for swag…Of all the inquiries we receive via email, who then get this form, only about 40% of them take the time to fill it out and send it back. And we are fine with that because we know then that we are working with the best of the best.” Read More

Creating a Pitch That is Always in Vogue
PR Week (reprinted by PR Couture in “Fashion PR Tips”)
October 6, 2008

“Janna Meyrowitz, founder and president of Style House PR, spends a lot of time reaching out to bloggers on behalf of various up-and-coming design clients, as well as clients with e-commerce sites, such as National Jean Company. She'll often send a casual e-mail to bloggers to mirror the casual tone of the content. She adds that it's difficult to monitor the blogosphere, where tone and content is less predictable than with print outlets. “Let's say you missed a post a while back when a blogger goes off on how they hate a certain print,” says Meyrowitz. “Before you know it, you're on their bad list.” To sort through the clutter, she uses an internal media list with color-coded tabs based on what the online outlets are working on. She also asks bloggers what kind of information they would like to receive. While PR pros typically do desk-side briefings with long-lead editors and designers, it's more difficult to build that kind of relationship with a blogger. So for bloggers, she's looking into potentially using a video format for a brief, visual pitch.” Read More

Fashion PR + Eco-charity initiative ‘Make an Earnest Difference’
PR Couture
April 7, 2008

“Style House PR has always been a proponent of linking our clients with like-minded companies for a common goal. We especially love the eco-element for this event in the month of April when everyone is more aware of these initiatives and the impact they can have on both the environment and society. With National Jean Company opening their first Manhattan location less than a year ago, we see this fashion show and denim drive as a really good way to show New Yorkers for the first time the kind of company that National Jean Company is, and to bring customers in who are aligned with their lifestyle and initiatives.” Read More

Fashion PR Interview: Janna Meyrowitz – President of Style House PR
PR Couture
September 10, 2007

“At the end of the day, people in this industry appreciate most when someone is grounded and sees a world beyond fashion, but at the same time knows what an important role it plays in the larger picture…” Read More