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The concept of a personal brand is inherently a little uncomfortable for most of us who aren’t celebrities or professional influencers. Writing our own bio is hard, let alone rewriting and replacing unproductive narratives around our professional identities. Through this work together, we’ll weave together the tapestry of everything you are and everything you’ve done into a pitch that is both authentic and effective in achieving personal and professional fulfillment.


Phase One: 360° Consult


A 2-hour meeting to:

  • Map out all the elements of your life that can and will come together to form your personal brand

  • Create a digestible road map with clear action items, priorities and goals

A complimentary audio recording can be made for your future reference. Within 2 days you’ll have my advisement for next steps and a tailored Personal Brand Aligment action plan.

Cost: $500


Phase Two: Personal Brand Alignment Work


These 10 hours of 1:1 sessions are informed by our 360° Consult and we will decide together how they will be spent and what our deliverables will be. Here are some examples of how I’ve served Personal Brand Alignment clients in the past:

  • Explore and identify your personal brand values, your north star mission, your superpowers and sources of happiness

  • Hatching of exit plans from unsustainable work and other unfulfilling commitments

  • Creation and refinement of your personal pitch that is both authentic and effective

  • Creation of goals with filters through which to put incoming opportunities (there are shiny objects everywhere, which make the most sense for me?)

  • Determining how to spend your time, money and other resources including relationship capital and creativity

  • An action plan for cultivating and leveraging your personal network and arming your advocates and cheerleaders with clear ways to support you

  • Refresh resume, bio and social media channels

  • Creation of tactical timelines - from 30/60/90 day planning to 1/3/5 year + vision-setting

Cost: $5000


*All information discussed over the course of our work together will be confidential under a standard non disclosure agreement.

Client Testimonials


“Janna is an extraordinary coach and mentor for women and has been deeply supportive of my work and success. She challenged me to think and dream bigger, and to recognize my current skills and strengths as a leader and executive, even as I continue to grow and develop. I feel more confident after having worked with Janna, and more comfortable speaking to my contributions, past, present, and future, to the issues I care most about.”

– Tara Abrahams


"Janna’s fresh perspective was inspiring during a mid-career transition. She has helped me to confidently articulate how my experiences and skillsets can make me successful in new opportunities. Her passion for empowering people to find life-compatible, meaningful work is inspiring and motivating. With a discerning eye she made unsentimental edits to my resume that refined both the way I present myself to the world and the way I view myself.”

– Sara, 39, Hudson Valley, NY



“Janna’s experience and expertise were vital in re-framing my professional narrative to better position myself for the work I want to do. She helped with a razor-sharp resume rewrite and her insights aligned my personal strengths with new professional opportunities. Janna’s unique ability to balance supportive and constructive feedback is the cure for imposter syndrome.”

- Kristen, 38, New York, NY


“Janna has incredible knowledge and an ever-so-optimistic and supportive tone that challenges you to step up your game. I benefited from an early version of Personal Brand Alignment and as a result have been able to target amazing opportunities and be more tactical in my approach to vocalize my value and priorities in relation to work. She’s also kinda funny and brutally honest which is helpful too :)”

– Dana, 40, Northern New Jersey



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