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Mindful Business Development is based on an important lesson we’ve learned over the course of our 15+ years in the industry: the best PR strategy is to be so great that they can’t ignore you.

Style House’s Mindful Business Development offering was designed for entrepreneurs and executives at all levels to work closely with Janna Meyrowitz Turner to implement operations, communications, and marketing practices that optimize time, resources, happiness and revenue


Phase One: 360° Consult


A 2-hour meeting to:

  • Map out your business and personal brand

  • Identify priorities and goals

  • Create a digestible road map with clear action items

A complimentary audio recording can be made for your future reference. Within 2 days you’ll have our advisement for next steps and a tailored Mindful Business Development proposal.

Cost: $700


Phase Two: Mindful Business Development Work


These 10 hours of service are informed by our 360° Consult and it will be agreed upon together how they are spent. Here are some examples of how we’ve served our Mindful Business Development clients:

  • Examination of business and personal brand values, mission, and messaging to create aligned, and compelling narratives

  • Creation of north star goals and filters through which to put incoming opportunities - there are shiny objects everywhere, which make the most sense?

  • Creation of a customer/audience avatar to improve emotional engagement

  • Refinement of product and service offerings, pricing, and additional revenue exploration

  • Streamlining of messaging and communications protocols to ensure the team, stakeholders, and enthusiasts are authentically and effectively maximizing all marketing touch-points

  • Determine how to spend time, money and other resources including valuable relationship capital and creativity

  • Creation of a blueprint for paid, earned, and owned media and marketing initiatives

  • Reduce feelings of overwhelm by creating tactical timelines, budgets and growth plans - from 30/60/90 day planning to 1/3/5 year + vision-setting

Cost: $7000


*All information discussed over the course of our work together will be confidential under a standard non disclosure agreement.

Client Testimonials


“Janna is an extraordinary coach and mentor for women and has been deeply supportive of my work and success. She challenged me to think and dream bigger, and to recognize my current skills and strengths as a leader and executive, even as I continue to grow and develop. I feel more confident after having worked with Janna, and more comfortable speaking to my contributions, past, present, and future, to the issues I care most about.”

– Tara Abrahams


“Since working with Janna I’m so much more comfortable articulating all the various elements of my business that used to feel confusing, even though they were all part of me. I’ve also had a noticeable increase in queries since tweaking my web and email copy with Janna. I’ve been getting more leads and they’re totally my ideal clients.”

– Jennifer Mayer, Founder, Baby Caravan



“After years of working as a solo business owner, I can’t tell you how therapeutic and helpful it is to have someone guide me. I’m still finishing my first block of our work together, but Janna has already helped me focus personally as well as provided perspective on some much needed updates to our brand and company structure.”

- Jamie Erickson, Founder + CEO, Poppy’s Brooklyn


“My work with Janna has been pivotal in my journey as an entrepreneur. I feel more confident, focused and excited about the growth and integrity of my company than ever before!”

– Rachel Lipson, Founder + CEO, Blue Balloon Songwriting School 



“I love Janna. We fell in love a few months back. I didn’t really know how much I needed her help until we started working together. I found that the work we have been doing has helped me so much with my business, and also personally. It feels like self-care, and we all need some of that. Do yourself and your business a favor and make Janna part of your life!”

– Kristin O’Keeffe Merrick, Financial Advisor



“Janna is an absolute pleasure to work with and can help you think strategically about issues that drive attention (and thus revenue) to your business.”

- Katharine Earnhardt, Mason Lane Art Advisory



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